If you are setting up a WorkForce printer for the first time you will need the complete kit. Our kit comes with 100 ml bottles of each color (Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow), 2 sets of 252xl cartridges, and syringes to fill the cartridges. We’ve been recommending for years that people have two sets of cartridges, so we put together a kit that has what you need to maximize your workflow.

If you are switching to our ink from another, we also recommend the complete kit. While it’s possible to drain your existing carts and fill them with new ink, starting with fresh cartridges is just good practice.
You can also select just the 100 ml bottles, either as a set or individually. We do NOT recommend mixing our inks with other brands, as that will give you an unpredictable color gamut.

Why two sets of cartridges? The worst thing you can do for your WorkForce printer is run the cartridges dry. Because the chips don’t really keep track of how much ink is in the carts, it’s easy to do that. With two sets of cartridges you are never tempted to see how far you can stretch it before filling the carts- just swap them out for filled ones before starting a big job and, while you’re printing, fill the other set. That way you always have a freshly filled set ready to go.

Our goal is to provide the best possible color output. Period. If you share our obsession with color fidelity it is necessary to print from a program that supports ICC profiles. Please understand that our support starts with the assumption that your software is ICC aware. If it is not (Silhouette Studio, for example, is not), we cannot guarantee accurate color.

~ Anthony Ferrer