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What is the Best Software for Sublimation?

We are frequently asked which software is best for sublimation. If you don’t know, there are two basic types of design software, vector and raster (or bitmap). Vector is what’s used for cutters or plotters. A vector design is made up of mathematical formulae that define the points, curves, angles, etc. of each design. Because […]

How we got started

Sublimation & More! Learn, Create, and Inspire is the premiere, the most trusted sublimation group on Facebook. Led by Amy Hale (of Halebound.com) and Stan Reisler (of ConeyIslandTransfer.com), we have helped tens of thousands of crafters learn the art of sublimation. Our respective companies bring the best blanks available to our users at great prices, […]


Introducing WF Premium Plus Bundle Set

If you are setting up a WorkForce printer for the first time you will need the complete kit. Our kit comes with 100 ml bottles of each color (Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow), 2 sets of 252xl cartridges, and syringes to fill the cartridges. We’ve been recommending for years that people have two sets of […]